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Dear Reader,

If you had talked to Mike Doyle that day, you'd know why he was in such a lousy mood.

Two teenage drivers on his car insurance policy.  One with two speeding tickets in 6 months and the other with a recent accident on her driving record.  And Mike?  He was getting absolutely slammed by his car insurance company.

His car insurance was going to cost $1,137 more the coming year - that was a whopping 43% increase.

Mike first turned to what most folks do - he called around to different car insurance companies to see if he could find low car insurance.  It didn't happen.  These other companies wanted to charge him even more.

But when he spent several minutes reviewing the dead-simple
guide I'm about to describe, his entire outlook changed.

Today, after faithfully following the guide, he's actually paying $93 less than what he was paying....even with the teenage-terrors on his policy.  He went from staring at an $1,137 increase to a $93 decrease.  Imagine that.

All Mike did was -

And if you're reading this, you're probably just like Mike.  You're sick and tired of paying so much for car insurance....and you're looking for a way to slash those costs.

Hidden Behind all the TV and Radio Advertising Mumbo-Jumbo and Misinformation put out by Car Insurance Companies....Lies a Code

A Code that your Car Insurance Agent and Company Will Never Reveal

Hi, my name is Tom O'Leary....and I'm going to reveal it....and show you why shopping around for car insurance is the last thing you should do when setting up your car insurance policy.

It all began a little less than two years ago.  I was at a Christmas party and someone brought up car insurance costs.  I couldn't believe what some of these families were paying for car insurance.  One guy was paying more than $2,200 a year.  Another was paying almost $3,000.  I thought to myself, "How in the world could their car insurance cost that much."

So I jumped into the conversation and passed along a little wisdom about how to get the car insurance they needed....at a much lower price.

So, how did I find myself in the position of being an "advisor" on car insurance? Because that's what I've done over the years.  I've had the pleasure of helping small and medium sized companies manage their automotive fleets....which includes lowering their car insurance costs.

Long story short, I agreed to send out a few tips by e-mail to four friends who were interested.  A few days later, it had mushroomed out of control.

I ended up getting 57 requests for advice in the next month.  The result - that little e-mail I was sending out had helped my friends save $48,631.87 on their car insurance.

Later that winter, I thought, "How many other folks out there are being taken advantage of and overpaying for car insurance?"

Turns out, it's millions of people just like you.

You see, the car insurance industry is spending Billions of Dollars a year on TV and radio advertising to get you to call or hop online -

"So you can cut your car insurance costs by up to 15% or more"


"Save up to $300 when you you switch to us".

In fact, Gieco and Progressive Insurance combined spent well over a 1 Billion dollars last year on their advertising.

Why are they spending so much money to try and get you to switch?

Because selling car insurance coverage is a License to Print Money....and car insurance companies know that most folks don't know how to set up their car insurance policy....so they overpay each and every year they drive.

Here are the three reasons why you are overpaying for car insurance now....and why shopping for car insurance is the last thing you should do:

  1. If you've ever let an Agent or Car Insurance Company "help" set-up up your car insurance policy, I guarantee you're overpaying by at least 50% because you've let them hold your hand and guide your decisions....which automatically doubles your car insurance costs because they get paid on commission - the more you pay, the more they make.
  2. If you've ever thought those TV and Radio commercials were "just the thing for you" - I guarantee that if you buy into their promises now of "lower car insurance rates", you'll be steaming mad in 18 months when they raise your insurance rates due to a "Market Adjustment".
  3. Do you trust your Politicians?  Didn't think so.  Here's another reason not to - many State Politicians allow car insurance companies to add expensive and useless coverages to your policy....and the only way to get it removed is for you to cancel it....in writing.  Bet you didn't know that.

The fact is, if you're waiting around for your car insurance company to help lower your costs, or that state Governments will protect you, it'll never happen.

You've got to do it yourself, and I'm going to help you.

To make that happen, I wrote a simple, easy-to-use guide to geting the cheapest car insurance possible by showing you 12 Simple Formulas that use business theories of money management (my job), practical nitty-gritty tips, tricks, and tactics that you can use to get rock-bottom, low cost car insurance....for life...all in less than 60 minutes.

Then I gave it a name - "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" - and made the guide available.

How Much Does Your Car Insurance Cost Each Year?

Want To Cut That Cost In Half?

Are you paying eight hundred dollars a year?  One thousand?  Two thousand dollars?  Four thousand dollars or more?  Whatever amount you're paying for car insurance, it's to much.

You can expect to spend an average - are you ready for this - $109,523.00 during your lifetime.  More than a hundred-grand on car insurance - unbelievable!  A few will spend less.

Most will spend more....a lot more.  It doesn't have to be that way.

Can you do me a quick favor right now?
Just check-off any of the questions below that apply to you.

(Simply check Yes or No)
1. Do you write a check for your car insurance monthly, quarterly or bi-annually....and wish you weren't paying so much?

Yes No

2. Are you a single Parent, struggling to pay your car insurance and other bills?

Yes No

3. Are you a Parent with Teenagers on your Car Insurance Policy....and wish you could find a way to lower your car insurance costs?

Yes No

4. Are you a teenager or twenty-something paying for car insurance on your own and are ticked-off because your car insurance company charges you so much?

Yes No

5. Have your car insurance rates raced out of control because of an accident or because you've gotten too many speeding tickets?

Yes No

6. Do you have less than perfect credit and are being punished by your car insurance company with ridiculously high rates? Yes No

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions listed above, you're not alone.  If you want to lower your car insurance costs - read on. 

Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life....In Less Than 1 Hour

As you read earlier, picking up the phone and calling one of the car insurance companies that spends $500+ million a year on advertising is not the way to lower your car insurance.

To get the absolute lowest cost car insurance, all you have to do is:

  1. Implement a few common-sense rules and a few little-known strategies that will show you how to modify your coverage to get the exact coverage you need at the lowest possible cost (expected savings of up to 50%).
  2. And if you're greedy (like me)....shop for Coverage from Car Insurance Companies (not the ones you see on TV and hear on the Radio) that offer new customers fantastic coverage and a significant discount (expected savings of up to another 17%)

And the simple truth is, "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" will show you how to do both....in about an hour.

Here's just a sampling of the practical, everyday, nitty-gritty tips, tricks, and tactics you'll discover in this amazing guide....

PLUS, you get 3 Bonuses

Bonus #1 - a $19 Value

What Car Insurance Companies & Banks Don't Tell You....And Why It Can Lead To Bankruptcy: The 3 little "weasel words" in your Auto Insurance Policy that can leave you owing your Bank thousands of dollars if your vehicle is ever totaled. Find out how to eliminate this risk.

Bonus #2 - a $17 value

Diminished Value Secrets: If your car, truck, SUV or minivan is ever heavily damaged in an accident, you're going to lose thousands of dollars when you try to sell it. Find out how to eliminate this nasty little surprise.

Bonus #3 - a $21 Value

How To Get The Best New Car Prices....The First Time....Every Time: (I had to throw this in - it's part of what I help my clients with....and it can help you too.)  Whether you're planning on buying a new car, truck, SUV or minivan next week....or 3 years from now, discover the 1 technique that Businesses use every day when they buy or lease that makes the Car Dealers "Roll Over and Play Dead" - and save you $1,000's of dollars on your next car purchase.

So, you get "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" and the three Bonuses that together are, hands-down, the absolute best guides available on slashing your car insurance expenses and other auto related expenses...immediately.

Remember, the average lifetime car insurance expense is $109,523.00.

With "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life", you can cut that cost in half - $54,761.50 - that folks is cold, hard cash that you get to keep for yourself.

That can mean an extra $928.16 in your pocket every year you drive....or $1.51 back in your pocket every day of the year for as long as you drive.

You can put all this money back in your pocket for a one-time investment of $11.95....and have this powerful guide in your hands in less than 1 minute.

"How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" gives you 141 BIG pages packed with proven strategies that have worked for my business clients for years.

Now YOU can get my tested techniques that will lower your car insurance costs regardless of your age, the State you live in, what your driving record is....and even if you have less than perfect credit.

I understand if you're skeptical.  These days, it pays to be.  So, I'll name names....The following comments are the exact words I got from the third person who ever used How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life.  He's college-educated, married with three kids and owns three vehicles.  He lives in the Detroit, Michigan area which has THE highest car insurance costs in the Country - an average of $5,894 a year.  It's pretty obvious why he was looking to lower his car insurance costs, don't you think.

Hi Tom,

I thought I was a pretty smart guy but after using your guide, I feel like such an idiot.  I can't believe I was wasting that much money on my car insurance.  My annual premium was $6,387.  After using your guide, my annual premium is now $3,257.  That's a savings of 51%.  To make it even better, I'd already paid my semi annual premium so my car insurance company is refunding the overpayment of $1,565.  I haven't told my wife yet.  I think I'll surprise her.  Thanks again for.....

Randy L.
Detroit, Mi

Now, to be fair, that's the most money anyone has ever saved on their car insurance using this guide.  So, to be even more fair, the least amount has been $506.43....and that's still a nice chunk-of-change, right?

The bottom line is this - you too can get all of my proven, cost-saving secrets for just $11.95.

For only $11.95 (that's less than the cost of 4 gallons of gas) you can slash your car insurance costs for life.

Or think of this way - the last time you ate lunch at a fast-food restaurant you probably spent at least $6 or $7.  Heck, that's money you’ll never see again and don't care about.  Aren't you really worth a lousy $11.95 that can fatten your wallet or purse by up to $928 every year for as long as you drive.

WHY ONLY $11.95?

Because $11.95 puts this guide within reach of anyone - no matter what your income level is.

I'll make it even better.  Two things - One, you don't have to decide now. You can Try It...and then decide.

1 YEAR No Risk Money Back Guarantee!

It's simple...and with no strings attached.  When you join me, I promise I'll never let you make a mistake on your car insurance.  I'll be there every step of the way, guiding you as you redo your car insurance coverage.

If the world was a fair place, no doctor would get paid a penny if their treatment failed to cure you.  No stock broker would earn a dime unless he makes you rich. The truth is, if I can't help you, it wouldn't be right to keep a penny of your money....

So, you have a full 1 Year to put these strategies to work.  If you can honestly say that "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" did not drastically cut your car insurance costs....simply shoot me an e-mail and explain what happened.

If you have not had the success I guarantee, I will refund your investment, no questions asked...and you can still keep the Guide and the Bonuses.

You have nothing to lose at all. ALL THE RISK is on me!

And Two, all profits from the sale of "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" will be forwarded to the Make-A-Wish Foundation - a group I'm sure you're all familiar with.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life....up to $54,761.50 to gain...and we both get to help a very worthy cause.

Now, it's time to put these techniques to work for YOU.

Please - get your car insurance costs on the fast track to savings today.  Click the button below --- TRY IT NOW - THEN DECIDE!

Yes, Tom - I Want To....
(Just click the "Try It Now - Then Decide Button" and if you'd like, have this guide in your hands in less than 1 minute)
Low Cost Car Insurance
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Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure,
Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

On this web page, I've shown you how you can slash your car insurance costs by up to 67% - and keep it that way the rest of your life....

I've offered you advice and guidance that no car insurance agent or company will ever pass along....

I've offered you 3 valuable Bonus Guides worth $57 - for FREE....

And I've shown you how you must be thrilled with how much money you save on your car insurance costs, or you're entitled to a 100% refund....

Now, the decision is completely in your hands.

Only one of two things can happen now.  Either we'll go on from here together, or you'll go it alone.

Either you'll join me and begin to drastically slash your car insurance costs like others who have used the guide....or you'll continue to just give your money away to your car insurance company.

I wish I could take the next step for you.  I can't of course; it's completely up to you.

I urge you: If you hesitate, it could cost you a small fortune.

Please do it now - there's nothing to lose and substantial savings for you that can start today.

Yours For Low Cost Car Insurance For Life,

Tom O'Leary

P.S. Remember: Either I drastically cut your car insurance costs in the next 12 months....or I'll cheerfully send you a full refund.

And everything I've sent you – including the free bonuses are yours to keep, FREE.

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain - so please make sure to click the "TRY IT NOW - THEN DECIDE" button just below.

P.P.S. "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" had been offered only thru direct mail, classifieds and magazine advertising.  As of October 15, 2007, it is being offered on this website as well.  However, I'm making available only 10,000 copies.

You have the opportunity to be one of the select few that will be exclusively entitled to receive my specific low cost car insurance techniques and recommendations.

This is your chance to Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life....

For your small, one-time only investment of just $11.95, you can instantly download this notorious material right now -- and begin saving money within the next minute!

P.P.P.S I've been blessed with several successful business ventures so now it's time to give something back.

So remember, all profits form the sale of "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" will be forwarded to the the Make-A-Wish Foundation which grants a special wish to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Each person who takes the step to lower their car insurance costs will also be helping very special children.  A check will be forwarded on January 1, 2009 for all profits garnered between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008.  If the 10,000 copies are sold-out prior to December 31st, I will make more available to help these special kids.

P.P.P.P.S Before you make your final decision, please ask yourself, "What if Tom is right?"

"How will I feel watching my car insurance costs continue to skyrocket -- knowing that I blew the chance to save up to 67% on my car insurance?"

I don't want that for you.  Please - your membership in this very exclusive club is fully guaranteed - there's simply no reason NOT to give "How To Get Low Cost Cost Car Insurance For Life" a fair try.

Just click on the link just below to place your secure and totally discreet order using any credit card, online check or Paypal (you can do this anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).  Or, you can order by mail as well.

Your online order is guaranteed 100% safe and completely confidential.  Your personal information, including your email address, will not be given to anyone - ever.

As soon as you place your order, a web page will appear where you can instantly download this material. You will be reading it in less than 1 minute from now!

So, go ahead and try it now....then decide.

Yes, Tom - I Want To....
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Low Cost Car Insurance

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure,
Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

No, Tom....I'm interested but I'm still not sure.

Hey, that's okay.  It's normal.  I'll tell you what.  Let's try this -
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